About the Tiverton Fire Department

The Tiverton Fire Department responds to fire, medical, hazardous material, public service, and water rescue calls from our three stations located in the three response districts.  The department has 29 uniformed members operating four shifts on a 48 hour work schedule.  We staff three Class A pumpers of which one is a Rhode Island Health licensed ALS Engine.  This Engine, Engine 3, is housed at Station 3, 45 Crandal Rd.  Our North and South Stations both operate and Engine and a Rescue from their respective stations.  Both of these stations are cross manned by the two uniformed members stationed there.  Our South station, station 1, is located at 287 East Road and our North station, station 2, is located at 85 Main Road and is also our headquarters station.  This location houses the administrative offices and our Fire Prevention office.  The Administrative Assistant to the Chief is also responsible for rescue billing and collection services.  This position is responsible for collecting over $600,000 of funds that are placed each year in the General Fund of the Town as a result of services provided by this department.  You can find our monthly and annual totals on that respective page of this site.  We also provide mutual aid to the communities of Fall River, Westport, Little Compton, and Portsmouth as well as other communities in our area.